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November 21, 2012
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Sandy: WHO me!?? *points to self* YEah, yeah I'm fine...what this?? Pffftt..Just a mere scratch is all! Really hahah XD

YOu dont have to read. I just had a bit on my head and heart...

okay so where to begin with this little number... Hmm..Okay okay... First of all,,a small description.. as you can see,, Sandy is in pretty bad shape. It is a metaphore. See, recently,,I have noticed, that a lot of my great and wonderful DA friends started to leave me..and by leave I mean they have ignored me and became extremely distant...almost,,gone.....SO.. Sandy has ben hurt by her friends and the pain is visable. I MEAN just look at those bloody bandages!!I was going to draw her back bloody,,ya know,,to symbolize she has ben backstabbed,,but naw.....showing a wounded heart was a much better way to show how I was hurting. Okay,,I dont mean to rant to much,,but,, I just feel really hurt.. I trusted in some of you very much! I needed friends to talk to when my grandma was dying,,when I needed help with my anxiety,or whenever I was just down and needed a lil' cherring up! So I guess,,perhaps I put to much trust in some of you when I shouldn't have. I love my friends...Internt or real Life..I hate being the person that brings the friendship back together from falling apart..NO more!! I do the best I can. If I let you down,, Please,, talk to me about it!! Honestly, the only way possible I can let someone down,,or to make someone hate me so much, is if I forgot to draw someone something.. ( want me to do that,,talk to me about it. I didnt do it on purpose! I just need to be reminded)OR if I hurt someone with mean words or talk down to someone for their art. WHICH I WOULD NEVER DO!! WTF anyways.. Just note me.I am not that hard of a person to speak to. I also hate to lose friends and say goodbye forever. . . IF there is some things I learned.. It is that I should never let anyone take advantage of my kindness...which is why I feel I shouldnt be so nice anymore. (I am still going to be nice.Im just going to be very cautious about it all now)I really do give my heart and soul to my friends,,I really do... And now I feel kinda wierd with my internet friends.(I keep thinking..oh god will he or she go too..Damn Anxiety).FINE...I should just stop complaining and just worry about my friends in real life only.. Okay look,,I make friends online.. I cherish them as if they are my friends in real life. What, I guess I shouldnt care about them? huh?
Well anyway..back to the drawing,, I drew Sandy happy. Because like her, even hurt, I will go on strong. Some of you wont die without me...well I'm not going to die without you too. :) Sometimes,,we drift apart for some reasons,, it's life. I just, hate when it happens is all.. :( It really does hurt me. And it sucks.. But hey, life goes on.And not everyone is going to like you. But for the good down to earth friends, thankyou for being a friend. :.) It means a lot. Dont leave me *forever alone hahah*

Oh P.S. If you really feel I am ranting on too too much,think of it this way, I am an artist...artists become inspired sometimes with their emotions...well,,,that's what I just did. This drawing was made by my hands from the heart which has feelings. :rose:
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I-Am-Blaze-The-Cat May 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Angel: *cries* That... THAT WWAS BEAUTIFUL!!
Let me tell you something, here in comments for everyone to see it.
As you said, people come and go. Believe me I know how much it hurts you (I had those days myself back in High School), but THEY'RE FRIENDS.
I know how much your grandma’s death hurt you. Not so long ago, I lost mine, and although we’re not friends (no offense, I just don’t know what do you think of me), I supported you. And that’s what friends do. Even when they don’t comment in your DA work, even when they don’t talk to you in either Messenger or Skype, even when they’re physically gone (and if you excuse me, I know our grannies are chatting somewhere now), THEY SUPPORT YOU. And as long as they do so, that’s reason enough to forgive all their faults.
Some friends of yours probably have their reasons to become gone (for example, I have a very bad internet signal and I have to study for exams) for a while or forever. Just forgive them, they’re still supporting you. And for those who just ignore you with no reason, here’s a phrase you can dedicate to them:
”If you keep doing the things you’re doing, I’ll try to stay here as long as I can to screw you all!”
- Santiago Varela / Mauricio Borezstein “Tato Bores” (1928-1996)

I support you Nicky. Friends? :)
MaribelS633 Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist
Gurrrrl,come here!;A;*hugs you tight*
Here I come!! haha :iconbackhug:
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